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Thrusting vibrator 101: All you ever needed to know


If you’re someone who enjoys getting pounded in your hole with intense vibrations stimulating your clitoris, thrusting vibrators will be your best friend.

Unlike most female sex toys, thrusters are massively underrated. Thrusting sex toys seem to be complicated pleasure devices, something women don’t naturally gravitate toward.

Thrusting toys like dildos and vibrators can be called the “extroverts” of sex toys. Sure, ladies enjoy those adventurous vibrators, but having a beast with a shaft that automatically thrusts up and down isn’t always high on the priority list.


In this short article, I’ll give you all the tidbits you need to know about this mysterious sex toy.


So, what are thrusting vibrators?


A thrusting vibrator is an automatic sex toy designed to thrust in and out of the body automatically. You’ll find them in various shapes, including the regular phallic dildos. However, the most popular ones are those with clitoral stimulators for blended orgasms.


You can imagine the thrusting vibrators to be modified versions of dildos and vibrators where the top half of the shaft is designed to extend and contract automatically.


How do you use a thrusting vibrator?


Most beginners find the thrusting vibrators to be a bit intimidating. But don’t you worry; here’s a short guide to start with your vibe:

  1. First, make sure your thruster is fully juiced up. Plug the USB charger for the required time or insert adequately charged batteries.
  2. Some thrusting vibrators recommend a condom to work with. Lubricate the head of the thrusting vibe up to a couple of inches below the shaft with a water-based lubricant.
  3. Start slow. Gently insert the shaft into your vagina. Manually pound itself with it for a few minutes before switching on the automatic thruster.
  4. Spread your labia with your fingers and press the clitoral stimulator firmly against the clitoris as you insert the shaft deep into you. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the tapping teases of the clit stimulator on this clit..
  5. Activate the thrusting motor to its lowest setting. Depending on your taste, you can adjust the depth and pace of thrusting. Some women enjoy short rapid pounding, while others prefer getting deeper with a slower pace. You can experiment with the settings to know your taste!
  6. Finally, lay back and enjoy. Let your imaginations run wild and try out exciting positions to spice it up.


What Does a Thrusting Vibrator Feel Like?


In principle, the thrusting vibrators are supposed to emulate the sensation of real sex. However, in reality, that’s not the case, even though it hits pretty close.

I thoroughly appreciate the hands-free approach of the sex toy along with its gyrating, pulsating thrusts but emulating sex is far more complicated. I believe it falls short of its promise for two main reasons:

  • During sex, you’ll feel the entire shaft going in and out of your body, but in the thrusting vibes, only 1/3rd of its length is moving, so there’s that.
  • After a while, the pounding of the thrusting vibrators feels repetitive and predictable. In sex, that is not the case.


Nevertheless, the pounding with the heavily ribbed shaft can push anyone off the edge giving you moments of intense pleasure.

Another commendable feature of the thrusting sex toy is that you get some toe-curling teases on your clitoris. Once you experience the pleasures of a double orgasm through G-Spot stimulation and clitoral edging, there’s no turning back.


In conclusion, this is a perfect choice for someone who already has some experience with toys and is looking for something new to spice it up a bit. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, getting yourself a thrusting vibrator will surely do the trick! A worthwhile addition, the thrusting sex toy is an excellent choice to alternate with your regular dildo or rabbit sex toy.


Frequently Asked Questions


Now that we have gotten past the general topics let’s address 3 of the most Frequently Asked Questions about thrusting vibrators.


What is the best position to use a thrusting vibrator?

Being an automatic sex machine, the thrusting vibrators work amazingly in almost every position. So go ahead and try out the usual doggy style, missionary, or cowgirl, and you can rest assured that the vibrator will do its job. Some thrusting sex toys also come with suction cups, so you can attach them to a wall and explore a few more positions!


Is it a good idea to use thrusting sex toys during sex?

Of course, it is. I love using toys with my partner, so I would recommend you to use the thrusters during the act. If you’re into that, you can use these beasts to enhance your foreplay or use it for double penetration.


How difficult is it to take care of a thrusting sex toy?

If you want your sex toys to serve you for a long time, you must take proper care of them. Sex toys with moving components need special handling when it comes to cleaning and storage. Since every product has its own set of cleaning protocols, ensure you read the instructions before doing anything.

As a rule of thumb, clean the toys before and after use, and don’t use silicone lubes.


The Final Word


Thrusting vibrators are slowly gaining traction in the sex toy industry. These underrated beasts are fantastic in adding the necessary spice to your relationship and can fuel your solo sessions to unimaginable heights. The ability to get pounded and have your clitoris teased is a feat rarely seen in sex toys.


However, thrusters aren’t for everybody. If you’re just starting in the world of sex toys, I’d recommend you skip this one for now. You can come back after getting bored of average dildos and vibrators. This is to ensure you don’t get addicted to the thrusting vibrators and have the opportunity to explore other toys!


So what are you waiting for? Get your thrusting vibrators at this sex toy shop and experience orgasms like never before.