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We Were Awarded 2014’s “Best Road Bike Shop in America” by Interbike.

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Bike Fittings

The FASTER Fit Lab represents the very best in fitting methodology and technology in the world. FASTER’s Bike Fit Specialists have worked with beginner to professional cyclists, triathletes and teams. Our goal is that every time you ride your bike, you will marvel at your comfort and optimized performance.

Bike Services

The FASTER Service Department bears more resemblance to a precision lab than a bike shop. Our service team will treat your bicycle like it is the center of the universe. Sleek stainless steel accents house a dazzling assortment of the finest tools to keep your bicycle in perfect condition.

Recovery Suite

At FASTER, we offer recovery services for post ride rejuvenation. Enjoy our showers and locker rooms. Take advantage of of state of the art compression RecoveryPump boots or our hot and ice cold recovery plunges. Also, look after your machine. We offer bike valet service, storage and complete detailing as needed.

Retail Boutique

FASTER provides boutique retail, road cycling and triathlon equipment. FASTER’s retail center offers high-end bikes from all cycling disciplines, including road, time trial, triathlon, track, mountain bikes, as wells as custom bicycles. Friendly knowledgeable and professional staff members are ready to assist.

FASTER is For Everyone.



Our FASTER Wind Tunnel Is The Best Way to Go Faster.

How will time in our FASTER Wind Tunnel affect YOUR race results?


Reduce More Drag

Our FASTER Wind Tunnel reduces an average of 350 grams of drag. A new aero bike reduces 200 grams of drag and aero wheels reduce 150 grams of drag.


Go Faster

100 grams of drag reduction results in 1 sec per kilometer of increased speed to YOU.

  • Sprint Triathlon (20K) >> 1 minute, 20 seconds average improvement 0%
  • Olympic (40K) >> 2 minutes, 20 seconds average improvement 0%
  • Half Ironman (90K) >> 5 minutes, 15 seconds average improvement 0%
  • Ironman (180K) >> 10 minutes, 30 seconds average improvement 0%

Not Only Faster. Faster For Less.

The cost per gram of improvement is 10 x less than buying an aero bike or wheels.

Wind Tunnel Investment

350 grams of average drag reduction for $375 = $1 per gram of drag saved per hour. This is the average drag reduction for a FASTER Wind Tunnel session.

Aero Wheels Investment

150 grams of drag reduction for $2700 = $18 per gram of drag saved per hour. Wheel investment represents approximate entry level carbon aero wheel purchase.

Aero Bike Investment

200 grams drag reduction for  $4500 = $23 per gram of drag saved per hour. Bike investment represents approximate entry level aero bike purchase.


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