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The FASTER Speed Lab is the world’s first, commercial grade, low speed wind tunnel designed specifically for cyclists and the cycling industry. It is where aerodynamic drag is measured for manufacturers and product developers, and athletes can be optimized by incorporating world class bike fitting abilities concurrently with wind tunnel optimization efforts to find the intersection of their greatest power, most efficient respiration, and lowest drag.  Unlike most commercial wind tunnels with limited access, the FASTER wind tunnel is readily available to manufacturers and athletes for scheduling.



FASTER offers two levels of wind tunnel service:


FASTER Speed Lab Wind Tunnel Evaluation – $375/hr

This is an hourly rate working with our in-house engineer to provide aerodynamic data and feedback. This service is most appropriate for the following scenarios:

  • The person that likes to work on refining their own position and how changes will impact or improve their own aerodynamic drag in competition
  • The person who wants to evaluate how different helmets, wheels, or various items work best for that rider’s unique existing bike, riding style, setup, flexibility, etc.
  • The cycling industry manufacturer who is evaluating an existing product, or developing a new product


FASTER rates for 10+ hour commitment:

  • Manufacturer or Clubs (10+ hour commitment): $350/hr
  • Manufacturer or Clubs (20+ hour commitment): $325/hr
  • Data Compilation or Engineering Work (if required outside Wind Tunnel time): $99/hr


Advanced 3D Speed Lab Fitting (2 hours Fit Lab + 1hr Wind Tunnel) – $649.00

For athletes who want to be completely optimized, a more sophisticated level of service is working with our biomechanic and aerodynamic fit specialist, Aaron Ross. The 3D Speed Lab Fitting includes adding a 3D biomechanical fit to the wind tunnel session where power output and respiration rate will be evaluated as aerodynamic drag is determined.  It is our belief that an athlete will be at their maximum potential after this service with no experimentation or tweaking required – simply race and go FASTER than ever before.


Additional Wind Tunnel Time: During your 3D Speed Lab Fitting, most of the wind tunnel tests (we call them ‘shreds’) will be done on your body position and bike fit (since over 70% of aerodynamics comes from you!).  We usually have time to do a couple of tests targeting equipment choices such as helmets or wheels.  Some athletes choose to spend more time in the wind tunnel by testing different wheel options, helmets, and nutrition.  You can utilize additional wind tunnel time for $175 per 30 minutes.  Please let us know when you schedule, if you plan to add more wind tunnel time.



FASTER is a leader in cycling industry technology.


Detailed Wind Tunnel Technology

FASTER Wind Tunnel White Paper



Our Product is GRAMS OF DRAG

100 grams of drag ~ 1 sec per kilometer to the athlete


The most economical achievement of time reduction available to any athlete.

Bike investment* (dollars per gram)

200 grams drag reduction for  $4500

=$22.50 per gram of drag

*Bike investment represents approximate entry level aero bike purchase 

Wheel investment* (dollars per gram)

150 grams of drag reduction for $3200

=$21.33 per gram of drag

*Wheel investment represents approximate entry level carbon aero wheel purchase 

Athlete Wind Tunnel investment (dollars per gram)

640 grams of drag* reduction for $599

=$ 0.93 per gram of drag

*This was an actual result for a pro triathlete that recently tested in the FASTER Wind Tunnel.

How does grams of drag affect YOUR race results?

  • Sprint Triathlon (20K)

Faster Wind Tunnel Average Reduction (@350 grams of drag)

                                                                         ~ 1 min, 10 sec.

  • Olympic (40K)

Faster Wind Tunnel Average Reduction (@350 grams of drag)

                                                                         ~ 2 min, 20 sec.

  • Half Ironman (90K)

Faster Wind Tunnel Average Reduction (@350 grams of drag)

                                                                         ~ 5 min, 15 sec.

  • Ironman (180K)

Faster Wind Tunnel Average Reduction (@350 grams of drag)

                                                                      ~ 10 min, 30 sec.

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For questions regarding the 3D Speed Lab Fitting and FASTER Wind Tunnel, email FASTER’s Biomechanic and Aerodynamic Fit Specialist, Aaron Ross: or call (480) 970-1300.


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