The FASTER Speed Lab Will Blow You Away.

The FASTER Speed Lab is the world’s first, commercial grade, low speed wind tunnel designed specifically for cyclists and the cycling industry, where aerodynamic drag is measured for manufacturers and product developers, and athletes can be optimized by incorporating world class bike fitting abilities concurrently with wind tunnel optimization efforts to find the intersection of their greatest power, most efficient respiration, and lowest drag. In addition, unlike most commercial wind tunnels with limited access, the FASTER wind tunnel is readily available to manufacturers and athletes for scheduling.

Purpose Built for Cycling

The FASTER wind tunnel is purpose built for the cycling industry. The overall view of accuracy and repeatability may not be the same as a tunnel that was built for aeronautics, aviation, motorsports or other scientific research.

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Wind Speeds Relevant for Cycling

The FASTER wind tunnel is optimized for wind speeds from 15 to 35 mph (wind speeds relevant to the cycling industry) and the platform load cells are tuned to wind loads for bikes and riders ranging from 1 to 15,000 grams.

FASTER Wind Tunnel Features

  • Wind speed optimization between 5-50mph
  • 350 degrees of wind angle rotation
  • Biometric cardiac and respiratory monitoring
  • High-speed color cameras for positioning
  • Motion capture for 3D simulation
  • Measurement of power output
  • Smoke for air flow analysis
  • Manipulate bike equipment in air flow
  • Display visually floats data
  • Tunnel communication system
  • Secrecy for manufacturer and team testing

Giro Synthe Tested at FASTER

“Giro debuted the Synthe at Faster, a fit studio with an in-house wind tunnel in northeastern Phoenix. There, we witnessed several wind-tunnel tests on both the Synthe and the Air Attack that validated those stats. According to Giro’s tests, the Synthe not only has significantly less drag than the Aeon, but it also supposedly edges the Specialized S-Works Evade by about 8 grams of drag over a 40-kilometer course—the equivalent of about four seconds.”

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The staff at FASTER are the best in the business period! Aaron Ross works magic with his 3D fitting and wind tunnel work. I feel like riding my bike again. I use to use tons of chamois cream prior to my fit, now I use none. This is due to being positioned on the bike correctly with Aaron’s fit. My average power has increased on both my road bike and TT bike due to the new position. If it’s been awhile since you have been fit on your bike or are thinking of a new bike you need to see the folks at FASTER. If you feel like you are not able to generate the power you think you should be able to go to FASTER they are the BEST!

Howard Roose

Detailed FASTER Wind Tunnel Info For Techies or the Curious. Or Both.

Fully Automated Platform and Data Capture

The FASTER platform is completely automated for 350 degrees of rotation in the wind flow — this is unique. This means the athlete is moved through a range of wind angles without stopping a “shred.” Data is captured WHILE the platform is rotating which provides new ways to evaluate drag information. This is highly valuable information for a cyclist or bike component manufacturer. They receive a complete picture of how data translates to an ‘on the road’ experience.


Gaining aerodynamic advantage at the sacrifice of an athlete’s pedal power or decreasing the ability to maintain pedal power is no advantage! At FASTER, we monitor power AND cardiac waveforms  — plus the breathing pattern and core temperature. Please notice we said waveform. That means we can correlate the optimal and sustained power output the athlete places to the pedals to body position.  At FASTER, we reduce aero drag while monitoring the shape [quality] and count [quantity] of your respiratory and cardiac output. We are in the business of cyclist optimization, as opposed to just accomplishing the most aerodynamic position.



Advanced Motion Capture to Monitor Bio Mechanics

Our motion capture and high-speed video feeds provide a method to monitor biomechanical positioning without adding to the drag of the athlete. Tracking systems optically monitor body angles and positions to the fraction of a millimeter. Targets are flat adhesive reflective materials attached to athlete and bike to monitor positions, deflections and harmonics. FASTER is the ONLY wind tunnel combining advanced motion capture during air flow trials. The end result is we can monitor your body position while in the tunnel.


 Zephyr Technology to Verify Aero Position on the Road

With the Zephyr chest strap, we correlate the aero position from the wind tunnel test to how you ride on the road! Being aero is awesome, but how does the athlete translate the optimized tunnel position to real road riding scenarios? We use a Zephyr strap with on board accelerometer. The accelerometer outputs G forces and torso angle. If the athlete can maintain the torso angle that was specified in the tunnel during road trials then verification of tunnel position is quantified. If the athlete cannot maintain the torso angle, then the athlete needs to work on the position or refine it. FASTER is the only tunnel offering on road verification of aero positions optimized in the wind tunnel.


Micro Climate Control

We have just completed execution of our advanced VFD – Fan control software. This control allows us to ‘micro climate’ control the dynamic pressure in the tunnel. As the athlete rotates with the platform the dynamic pressure typically falls from 107 to 104 Pascal. That is the equivalent of approximately 0.5 [1/2] mile per hour of wind velocity. This assures that the athlete or bike component ALWAYS sees PRECISELY the same air pressure pressing against them. We know this sounds overly detailed.  But, it increases the repeatability of the tunnel data to industry leading standards. This is what we do.


Rider Heads-Up Display & Laser Tracking

A 50” LED 3D panel visually floats data and graphics in the athlete’s visual field. This allows for biometric feedback and road awareness presentation. Visual feedback is critical in assuring the athlete is in a sustainable position. Our laser tracking of a road center line  allows rider’s heads to follow consistent reference position as angles change.


Green Footprint of FASTER Wind Tunnel

Lastly, is the green footprint of the FASTER aerodynamic facility. In the US there are generally three tunnels used for cycling. All these tunnels were built for aerospace, aviation or auto racing. All three tunnels boast wind speeds over 200 miles per hour and motor horsepower [HP] ratings from 600 HP to 2,250 HP. In this case, HP equals electrical consumption. The FASTER wind tunnel tops out at 125 HP and is closed loop air circulation.

Recirculating air in a loop requires only adding enough energy to KEEP it moving not accelerating from a standstill. Running each of the above tunnels at 30 mph air velocity for equal comparative air flow the FASTER tunnel would require less than 1/5 of the energy draw of the above two motor systems. The lower power tunnel above [600 HP] is a straight line tunnel rather than closed loop so that requires substantially more power to keep the air flowing at cycling specific speeds. Give the FASTER tunnel a big GREEN light for being the most environmentally friendly wind tunnel for day to day operations!


Download and read our newly revised FASTER Wind Tunnel White Paper: FASTER Wind Tunnel White Paper_12_3_14


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